8/20/2008Just added the names of the 2008 line (thanks to Ricky Kostner). Congrats to Manny DeLeon for winning the Snare I&E! Also check out the Facebook group.
6/28/2007Ok, I finally got it together and fixed the issues that were preventing me from posting the finished site. Some stuff has been tweaked, but it is mostly the same. I will be updating it soon with 2006 and 2007 information, so check back for that. Please email me if you have anything to contribute. Sorry for the delay!
6/21/2005The remodeling is complete! I look forward to getting more and more information from alums and friends. Enjoy the new site!
8/9/2004Congratulations on the Sanford Trophy, SCV drumline! They were a very talented, hard-working group of guys that deserved every bit of the award. Enough said.
6/22/2004Whew...three months have passed? I checked the line out at Stockton and Hayward, CA and they ROCK! A very talented group that I encourage all of you to go check out sometime this summer. I have added the order and names of the 2004 line, and I should have a picture or two up as soon as I scan them in. Email me if you can send anything in! Also, thanks to Nick Shilling(1993-1994,1996), Dennis Mancini(1978) and Martha Garcia(Pit 1984) for their recognition and compliments. Also, if you have not heard, check out for historic recordings of the Vanguard drumlines.
3/22/20041976-1980 have been added (thanks to Glenn Wong [1980-1981] for contributing), as well as the guestbook feature. Other than that, not much is going on...
2/27/2004Looks like the order of the 2004 line will be announced after the February camp, so check back in a few weeks. Also, many years and bios have been added to the members page. Let me know if you can contribute!
1/11/2004Okay! It's up! The 2004 snareline will be set at the January camp, and I will post the membership as soon as I hear back from the staff. If you have any contact with past members of SCV snap drum lines, please have them email me. Enjoy!
12/19/2003Finally! This site is finally presentable, and hopefully relatively informative. ATTENTION ALUMS! I need information on all of the snarelines of me a short message stating the following...
-What years you marched
-The names of the members in those lines from L to R, looking at the line (with an asterisk next to the section leader)
-A short blurb about your corps involvment and present status, as well as a picture (if you wish).
10/01/2003This site is still under slow but heavy construction. Auditions are in coming up! For more info, go to the SCV website for more info. Also, look out for the ~13-man snareline in the Tournament of Roses parade January 1st in Pasadena!
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